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When the full potential of blockchain technology has been optimized, you can expect to see massive gains in the operations of economies and societies on a global scale. Many blockchains have been created over the years to push toward this goal, but they have all fallen short. Notably, these have been closed-source systems that are expensive and arduous to adopt. They may have challenges related to speed and security as well. While optimization has not yet taken place, a group at DFINITY USA hopes to change that soon. Specifically, DFINITY USA’s team is comprised of educated, skilled professionals like programmers, developers, computer scientists and others. Collectively, they have been designing an open-source system that is boldly superior to other blockchains being used today. This system is known as the Internet Computer.

To break ground on the Internet Computer, DFINITY USA’s team first innovated Mokoto. This open-source language was engineered at its most rudimentary levels to work perfectly with blockchain and smart contracts. This supports faster Bitcoin transactions. More than that, it facilitates operations like asynchronous messaging, automated memory communications and more.

DFINITY USAThe talented group has incorporated a variety of innovative features into the Internet Computer. One of these is Chain Key encryption, which allows the Internet Computer to function perfectly with smart devices. One of the many other specialized features in the system is the Network Nervous System. Operating on a node layer, the Network Nervous System works in conjunction with liquid democracy. It also empowers designers to make faster updates as needed.

The DFINITY USA team works daily to prove that blockchain optimization is an attainable goal. The system has already launched, and the team continues adding new features and tweaking established ones so that the Internet Computer can live up to its full potential.