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SexPanther offers an unusual service within the adult industry, sex chatting with video stars. The company began doing business in 2014 and gives users a chance to connect with the talent that is seen in the videos. Users can chat with their favorite stars, which is different from other platforms that usually don’t allow this kind of communication.

Content Creators

The content on the site is created by people who sign up for the service. SexPanther screens all the talent and conducts background checks including age verification. The process of screening the talent ensures that not only are the people really who they say they are, but it also gives clients the security of knowing they are engaging with real people. The content creators, once accepted by SexPanther, can choose what kind of content they want to share. This can be anything from still photos to video to having chats with the clients that are on the site.

The Clients

The client base on SexPanther is 90% male and signing up for the service is pretty straightforward. Clients can create a free account with just some basic information. From there, they can look at the content on the site and connect with the talent that they see. When they see someone they want to engage with, they simply add them as a contact and then message them to connect. In order to text back and forth with the people they want to, clients purchase credits that are available for $1 each. These credits can be purchased via credit card or even by exchanging gift cards. Credits are charge whenever the client sends a text, and when they send or receive videos and pictures.

SexPanther offers security, and the ability to connect with others. Because of this Sexpanther continues to grow in popularity and has over 4 million people using the service.