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Cloud Inventory solutions are working to benefit different companies by integrating with the Salesforce customer relationship management platform. DSI is an inventory solutions provider that offers the platform to allow businesses to control their services. Salesforce is a company that provides customer relationship management (CRM) services.

Cloud Inventory will enable companies to control inventory management on all the activities taking place for better productivity. Companies can integrate Cloud Inventory into their existing software with ease due to the flexibility of the solutions developed by inventory management solutions providers.

To improve Salesforce CRM services, integration with inventory management is helpful to users. It will improve business management and customer experience, which is essential in business. Mark Goode, CEO of DSI, shared CRM services are vital for Salesforce users that is why the integration will play a huge part in improving their company’s performance.

Inventory control is not complete without Field Inventory Management. Customers will love to access real-time data of the tools in the field. With an evolving supply chain to e-commerce, visibility will ease how things are done and earn customer loyalty.

Field Inventory Management allows field technicians to update and work status on the application because it is accessible on a smartphone. Inventory visibility is essential at all points of the supply chain, and controlling inventory inside and outside the warehouse promotes productivity and higher revenue generation. Field Inventory Management also allows manufacturers, distributors, and customers to know where inventory is anytime and anywhere.

Data entered in the field is integrated into the customer relationship management system of Salesforce that enhances customer experience and response, which is needed to boost sales. Companies can complete field service orders with ease due to real-time access to data that allows companies to be innovative when there is an issue. The constant accurate data accessible to customers is valuable, making the CRM system helpful to users. See related link for additional information.


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