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Chip Rosenbloom is a filmmaker, composer and songwriter. His songs were recorded by many famous artists, including John Torres, Rita Coolidge and Sheena Easton. Many movies and television programs have featured his music throughout the years. Now, he takes his talent to the stage in his first musical production called Bronco Billy – The Musical.

The upbeat musical has a simple theme, which is it is important to follow your dreams. It takes place in 1979 when the country was on the edge of its technological revolution. Bipartisan politics were going crazy, and people’s civil rights were being threatened.

Billy, played by Eric B Anthony, is the owner of a traveling wild west show. His troupe comprises ex-cons and others who are just trying to follow their dreams. Now that the times are changing, Billy is having a hard time keeping his show open. People are no longer interested in the type of show that he offers. However, when he thought things could not get any worse, Antoinette enters the scene. Antoinette, played by Amanda Leigh Jerry, is an heiress who has run away. She runs into Billy and his wild west show. When Billy thought things could not get wilder, Antoinette turns things upside down.

The author of the book is Dennis Hackman. Hackman wrote the book for his parents, who always wanted to be cowboys. He wrote the screenplay which stars Clint Eastwood. He reworked his book to create a fun and crazy musical.