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According to Gary McGaghey, CFOs can play a critical role in helping to build trust and purpose in the workplace. In a recent article for Forbes, McGaghey discusses how CFOs can help create an environment where employees feel appreciated and supported. He notes that CFOs should be focused on creating value for their employees, not just shareholders. CFOs can help their businesses achieve greater success by creating a positive work environment.

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They Build A Culture of Transparency

CFOs must be transparent with employees about the company’s financial situation. Employees need to understand how the company is doing financially and what steps to improve its performance. CFOs can also create transparency by sharing information about their finances. This can help employees feel more connected to the company and its goals.

They Foster A Culture of Cooperation

CFOs can encourage cooperation among employees by establishing clear goals and communicating expectations. Employees who work together cooperatively are more likely to be successful. CFOs can also promote teamwork by providing training and development opportunities.

They Encourage Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is critical to the success of any business. CFOs can encourage employee engagement by promoting ownership and responsibility among employees. They can also encourage employees to be innovative and creative. CFOs can help create a more productive and successful workplace by empowering employees.

They Promote A Culture of Integrity

CFOs can promote a culture of integrity by setting the example themselves. They should be honest and ethical in their dealings with employees, customers, and suppliers. Employees will be more likely to trust and respect CFOs who exhibit strong moral values.

They Help Build A Sense of Purpose

Employees need a sense of purpose in their work to be productive and satisfied. CFOs can help create a sense of purpose by articulating the company’s mission and values. They can also promote employee engagement by giving employees opportunities to make a difference in the company and its community. CFOs can help their businesses achieve tremendous success by creating a culture that supports trust and purpose.