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Caribou There is this page that anyone who has ever had a package delivered is familiar with, it’s a page that shows the package is out for delivery. The problem is, what does that mean? Some deliveries will arrive in 20 minutes while others may take most of the day. Customers waiting for arrival may check their porch multiple times a day until they finally open the door to see it sitting on the doorstep. This is a stressful but accepted part of the delivery process but what if there was a company that was actively working to reduce this uncertainty?

There is one such company that is pushing through the current standards typically accepted in the delivery field and looking for better solutions to bring peace of mind to their customers. Caribou, a company recently co-founded by Scott Dylan, looks at the entire customer experience when it comes to the delivery process. They have been working on implementing innovative technologies that would ease the transition of goods from the seller to their customers without the uncertainty centered around the arrival.

One way that they are working on doing this is through a driver tracking system. This system is helpful for the customer in two ways. The first is that it allows the driver to create some optimization of their route. Before the delivery driver ever leaves the Caribou facility, they know the best possible route and will use it as a means to decrease delivery times. The second way that this system is helpful for the customer is that it allows them to then track the driver as they head towards them. Once the item has been delivered the customer can then sign within the app for the package or if they are not available to grab it right away view proof of safe delivery.


This is just one way that Caribou is working to change the way that customers experience delivery. Delivery is not just getting the package from point A to point B, it is a form of customer service all its own and Caribou understands that in a way that few of the larger providers do nowadays. As they grow it is apparent customer experience will be important to their overall brand.