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Caribou Since the first delivery of the Caribou app and even after, the whole process has been smooth. Customers will not have to go through the drudgery of chasing for delivery of the parcel and waiting hours on end for the service to arrive. All they have to do is keep track of their order, pay and track the driver’s whereabouts and of course, watch the courier, the company’s logo. The home delivery service offers fast and reliable delivery and a much better value to the customer, who can now deliver up to 4 hours.

The Caribou software provided by Cuhu will transform how their customers experience an Amazon delivery. This software combines a variety of features to make the whole delivery experience easy and seamless. Those who need some tips and guidance can use the navigation facility available on the app, which has a map and instructions on how to deliver the parcel to a specific destination. This includes the available pick-up locations, the place the customer can either collect the parcel at the location or have it dropped at their doorstep. In the last few days, the app improved to allow the customer to see whether the delivery driver is inside the car before accepting the delivery at any given time.

Cuhu’s Android app takes over the delivery manager for the deliveries in their customers’ cities. This reduces the number of calls, takes the load off the drivers, and reduces the cost for the user. With Cuhu in charge, the Caribou app checks all available deliveries in the vicinity to avoid any disruption. With Cuhu, the driver knows where to deliver to, and the user knows when to expect the package.

Especially when transporting pharmaceuticals and other controlled substances, human error is extremely risky and can lead to the death of both the recipient and the provider of the goods. This is why the logistics industry is experiencing a dramatic shift as service speed and delivery accuracy becomes of great importance. To benefit from the new technology, they must find a technology partner who can provide the infrastructure needed to streamline deliveries and ensure the security and stability of critical cargo.


Caribou launched their real-time delivery app, and it revolutionized the postal service industry in London. The app has seen a 3X increase in shipping businesses, with more than 7,500 companies using the application. As the app is fast becoming the most efficient and reliable way for businesses to order online and receive their items fast, it needs to be reliable.