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Matthew FleegerMatthew Fleeger is a prominent figure in the energy sector. He currently serves as the Texas-based Gulf Coast Western president, a leading gas and oil company. For the past twenty years, Matthew Fleeger Dallas has been working to prove himself a competent person in the industry. Before becoming the CEO of Gulf Coast Western, Matthew managed his own company in the medical sector.

MedSolutions was the name of the company that he owned. He worked as the founder and managing director for 14 years before selling it to Stericycle, another giant in the sector. When he joined the family business, he had amassed a wealth of experience that made him a darling in the industry. Every company in Texas was rushing to employ him because of the leadership skills that he possesses. His two decades at Gulf Coast Western have prepared him for the most challenging opportunities in his life.

Matthew Fleeger Dallas attended the Southern Methodist University for a degree in Marketing and Finance. The combination enabled him to rise to the top level because of his deep understanding of the two sectors.

Gulf Coast Western

Matthew Fleeger

Matthew Fleeger became the president of Gulf Coast Western after selling Med Solutions. The company is a specialist in medical waste disposal. He helped to create innovative ways of disposing of this type of waste. At Gulf Coast Western, Matt oversees the marketing, finance, and other operations of the company. Through committed leadership, the company has been able to open more branches in Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and others.

They have also embarked on creating solid partnerships that have helped them continue increasing their revenue generation. Most of the partners have enjoyed their way of doing business. Their site engineers and experts apply cutting-edge technology that has significantly reduced the cost of exploring and developing new oil reserves. They have also reduced the cost of labor by a bigger percentage.