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It is vital that after achieving the kind of success you dreamed about, you consider giving back to the community. By doing so, you get to improve the quality of life of those around you. Having charitable deeds is one that Bhanu Choudhrie learned from an early age. The philanthropic nature is one thing that has been passed down from generations in his family.

Bhanu Choudhrie’s mother, Anita Choudhrie, founded Path to Success to impact different people’s lives back in 2005. The charity organization is based in London. The Organization was primarily started to provide education for the disadvantaged in the UK and Indian region, take care of those with disabilities and help those living below the poverty line.

Currently, Bhanu Choudhrie is the one tasked with ensuring the Organization’s success. Since its inception, Path to Success has had several successful projects. Path to Tokyo 2020 is one of such projects the Organization has. The project supported female athletes with disabilities in achieving their dream of reaching the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The Organization has also ensured that children and young adults who are disabled get mobility equipment through the Action for Kids initiative. Other initiatives that have improved the lives of the disadvantaged include London Titans, St. Wilfred’s Residential, and Amar Jyoti Trust.

Bhanu Choudhrie reveals that education is one of the things that have been taken for granted in most developing countries. However, children from impoverished backgrounds lack the opportunity to get basic education dream of having such chances. He further explains that other than classroom learning, the school exposes children to a variety of things. They get to experience better social lives due to interactions with children from different backgrounds. It is no doubt that when conducting a statistic of some of the most influential leaders, most of them came from poor and got various opportunities.

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