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It’s a well known fact that if you’re interested in a certain career, the best source of information is to find someone who is in that particular field and find out how they did it. Juan Monteverde is a respected attorney, ad his path to a successful career is definitely one to take note of. During his time in law school he always did well. Attorney Monteverde graduated from St. Thomas University’s Law School at the top of his class. He was well liked by his professors as well as his classmates. Juan Monteverde’s great writing skills were another thing he was known for. He worked as staff editor for the school’s law review, and served as president for the school newspaper.

While in law school he worked as an associate for Diaz Reus, which is a well known law firm in the area. He gained a lot of valuable experience during his time with Diaz Reus. Juan Monteverde worked with clients around the globe during this time and with Fortune 500 companies. Once he graduated law school he began working for a law firm that focused on civil litigation. He did well at this firm, but he knew it wasn’t the right fit. He began working in securities and represented clients who were the victims of fraud. Many attorneys decide to have their own law firms and that’s just what Juan Monteverde did. He created Monteverde & Associates. This is one example of many,showing the path a lawyer may take during their career.

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