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Juan Monteverde is a reputable securities attorney with a professional path that demonstrates that career progress involves making strategic choices. In addition, Monteverde is an outstanding example of the way a legal career progresses to specialization.

His early education was in finance, even when he went to study an undergraduate degree course at California State University. A local law firm‘s part-time job to become self-reliant changed his viewpoint. The young student started admiring legal work after participating in a trial in which the firm won a case for landowners in a dispute over ownership. The win helped to improve their financial security. The case taught Monteverde that an attorney could rectify an injustice by correcting an injustice.

Law school

Juan Monteverde turned his interest in legal practice from admiration to action by enrolling at St. Thomas University law school. Here, he saw a bigger scope of the career and the way to fit in the landscape. Apart from class attendance was a staff editor of the school law review and President of its official newspaper. The law student gained experience handling high-profile commercial disputes and investigations when he worked at Diaz Reus law firm as an associate. The work involved working for clients in the US and other countries. Fortune 500 corporations, multinationals, foreign governments, and financial institutions are some of the clients he dealt with, giving him a global overview.

Legal practice

Monteverde, after graduation, began working for other law firms to improve expertise. During this period, he refined his focus from broader practice to the securities field that became a better fit than any other. Monteverde worked for different firms before establishing Monteverde & Associates to concentrate fully on the securities field. Creating a law firm allows him to represent shareholders seeking redress after feeling that a merger or other corporate actions infringed on their rights.

The journey of Attorney Juan Monteverde shows that different paths can still help to build the most suitable professional career.

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