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Andrew Lazarus is a freelance marketing consultant, writer, and author.

He has authored two books on marketing and writing:

“How to Promote Your Business with Limited Budget” and “Marketing for Writers.”

His blog focuses on advice for various writers to help them promote their work.

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He is passionate about helping people succeed in life by creating systems that work for them so they can be more productive than before.

His achievements include winning the “Marketing for Non-Profits” award at the 2007 Mastermind International Symposium.

He also won the “Marketing Marketers of America” award.

He has been on the Board of Directors and a member of several national marketing organizations since 1992.

He advocates for non-profit marketing and is known as a “thought leader” by many organizations in that industry.

Andrew writes an extensive blog on marketing, writing, publishing, and other topics related to these fields, with more than 4,000 posts to date.

He also has a free e-zine for writers called “The Writer’s Platform,” with more than 85,000 subscribers around the globe.

Andrew Lazarus has written and been featured in numerous articles on marketing and writing.

Andrew is a regular speaker at national conferences, associations, and local clubs.

He is a member of many professional organizations and is often called upon to speak about marketing for writers and small businesses.

Andrew currently lives in Texas with his wife Denise, dogs Abby and Lucy, cat Paws, fish Mollie, parrot Polly and tortoise Stinky.

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