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Sydney hotelier Andrew Lazarus buys Beach Hotel, Merewether

Andrew Lazarus, a Sydney-based businessman, has bought the beachfront Merewether Hotel.

The purchase was made for an undisclosed sum.

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Lazarus said that he plans to make significant renovations to the property.

Merewether Beach is one of Sydney’s most iconic waterfront suburbs, and he is excited to be able to bring this much-loved icon back to its former glory.

Lazurus Motivations for buying the hotel

Andrew Lazarus has been in the property industry for many years.

He has experience in both the hotel and motel industries.

Andrew is a self-made man and owns his own business.

His motivation for buying the hotel was to preserve its history and make it a tourist destination.

The Merewether beach hotel is one of Australia’s most iconic landmarks.

Andrew is working hard to restore it and make it a top tourist spot to keep that way.

Lazarus has said that he will use the proceeds from the sale to renovate the property and add new amenities, such as a spa and a convention center.

However, many people are skeptical that Lazarus will be able to turn around the hotel, which has been struggling financially for years.

Andrew believes there are many advantages to buying a beach hotel.

The first is that you get to live in a perfect location for the summer months.

The ocean and beach atmosphere is always calming and refreshing, no matter what time of year.


Andrew Lazarus is likely to benefit the most from buying the beach hotel.

He is a businessman with many interests and is looking for an opportunity to expand his business.

The beach hotel would be a perfect place for him to do this as it has a large tourist population and is located in a popular tourist destination.

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