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David Black is a well-versed financial advisor who obtained his degree from the University of Michigan, and currently lives in Charlotte and New York City. Throughout his career, he has held various finance and business development positions at companies such as StreetAccount, Point72 Asset Management, Balyasny Asset Management (BAM) and Quadra Advisors. Beyond his normal work, Black also enjoys donating his money and time to The Nature Conservancy, The Robin Hood Foundation and many other charitable causes. More Business insights at

David Black says his typical workday lasts from the early morning until 7:00 P.M. He believes he makes his workdays productive by completing tasks in order of importance, conducting daily meetings and preparing for the next day. When it comes to creating new ideas, Black first comes up with the foundation, then he shares the idea with team members so they can work together to put a plan into action. He also believes the strong emphasis he places on building and maintaining relationships with each member of his team allows him and his company to stand out among the competition.

As with many other business leaders and companies, Black views the recent trend of working from home as critical to current and future success. He thinks being able to work from anywhere at any time has increased his team’s passion and productivity. David Black credits Tte many mentors he has had throughout his career for helping him overcome any failure or obstacle that has come his way. Over time, he has learned the value of time management, working well with others and striving to get better every day as key components of business success.