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After extensive research, ClearObject has developed a technology that will offer different solutions to different industries in partnership with the Indiana Department of Transportation. The discovery will offer the best solution to businesses facing challenges in inspecting and monitoring their data.

With the new Vision AI technology, people will have an easy, inexpensive way of reviewing videos and images. That will save them a significant amount of money they could have used to hire a manual team to do the job for them. Besides, the new technology will also help to get consistent and accurate results around the clock. ClearObject has been in the technology industry for years. During this time, it has been making discoveries that have been helpful to companies and people around them. That was the case when they launched the discovery that will help in snow management. Their discovery will help to address a challenge that has been affecting  road users during winter. During the season, snow covers the roads, making it difficult for drivers to navigate through them. That takes up a significant amount of money on snow management programs during the harsh weather period and more

However, that will change after the new technology will improve safety on the road. The technology will help determine the snow level that converges on the road through the cameras placed on highways. That will enable the snow management teams to know the impassable roads.

As a result, they will take timely action to clear the roads to enable drivers to drive without challenges, which will prevent accidents by a significant percentage. The new technology will help ClearObject meet one of its goals: to enhance road safety. Besides, it will help address traffic flow challenges that most cities face, especially during peak hours.

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